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We offer a competitive salary that increases each year, and a comprehensive benefits package.

Academic Year 2023-2024 Salary and Benefit Information


PGY-1: $69,869
PGY-2: $72,536
PGY-3: $76,062


Medical Liability

Coverage is provided by the hospital for all work performed as part of this teaching program.

Hospitalization & Dental Insurance

We offer choice of multiple insurance plans for residents and their families. This includes a base plan with major medical and medical-surgical insurance. Vision and dental coverage is also provided. There is a nominal co-pay for this coverage.


A disability policy, paying 50 percent of the resident’s salary after 90 days of disability, is provided.

Information Technology

Each resident will be provided up to $300 toward the purchase of state-of-the-art technology (smart Phone, iPhone, iTouch) to be used as a personal/medical informational tool.


Meal allowance is provided to all residents for their personal use while on duty.

Continuing Medical Education

Lancaster General Health will provide each resident $5,000 total to support continuing medical education (CME) for the three years of their training.

There are a total of 12 conference days during the three years of residency training:

  • All Levels: 2 days per year, local educational conference
  • Second Year or Third Year: 1 day, regional practice management conference
  • Third Year: 5 days, Temple University/Lancaster General Health Family Practice Review subsidized by the program 

Vacation and Holidays

Residents receive two weeks paid vacation, 10 paid holidays and four personal days each year. Vacation, holidays and personal days are incorporated into a paid-time-off benefit plan applied July 1. Residents may schedule one week of vacation each half of the year. The remainder of the paid-time-off may be used for scheduled days off or illness. In addition, each resident is given five days off during the Christmas or New Year’s weeks.

Employee Benefits

As an employee of Lancaster General Health, residents are eligible for multiple discount programs such as fitness memberships, eye wear and contact savings, amusement park admissions, and movie tickets. Our Employee Fitness Center is free to all employees, is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and offer state-of-the-art exercise equipment, the expertise of exercise physiologist, showers, locker rooms, and more. Located in the LG Health Downtown Pavilion.

Professional White Coats

Each resident is provided three personalized long white coats with laundry services.

Salaries PGY-1: $69,869PGY-2: $72,536PGY-3: $76,062

$5,000 to support continuing medical education (CME)

Two Weeks Paid Vacation10 Paid Holidays4 Personal Days


Access to our Employee Fitness Center, fitness memberships, eye wear and contact savings, amusement park admissions, movie tickets and more