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Lancaster is a diverse community with an interesting blend of urban and rural, past and future.

Two female PMLGH Residents

Get to Know Lancaster Rich in History

Lancaster, “The Red Rose City,” is a city in South Central Pennsylvania and is one of the oldest inland towns in the United States. According to the 2020 U.S Census, the city has a population of 59,265. Lancaster County has a population of 519,433.

Although famous for its Amish population, Lancaster is a very diverse community with 16.3% of the city’s population being Black or African American, and 39.3%, Hispanic or Latino, primarily of Puerto Rican decent.

Conveniently Located

Lancaster is conveniently located within close proximity to several major east coast cities: Philadelphia, PA (1 hr. 30 min.), Baltimore, MD (1hr. 30 min.), Washington, DC (2 hrs. 20 min.), and New York, NY (2 hrs. 45 min). All these cities are accessible by the Amtrak train.

Culturally Diverse

Lancaster also has a very sizable refugee population and has been called “America’s refugee capital.” In recent years, refugees have come from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burma, Afghanistan, Somalia, and Cuba.

The area offers an interesting blend of urban and rural, past and future. This makes Lancaster not only an amazing place to train and practice, but also a fun place to live.

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