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We strongly believe that it is important to live in a community where you can thrive outside of work.

Two female PMLGH Residents

Educational, Informative and Fun Program-Supported Activities

We are proud to have regularly scheduled program-supported opportunities.

While most of our after-hours activities are spontaneous and not program-sponsored, these activities provide reprieve from the daily grind of residency and help to lift each other up.

Resident Retreat

Every fall, our faculty cover all our clinical duties so that all 39 residents can spend 24 hours together at an offsite retreat. Expect campfire reflections, pranks, crafts, outdoor activities, and some friendly competition.

Liver Rounds

Liver Rounds occur monthly and are scheduled after the all-resident, Wednesday afternoon didactic conference. Activities including outdoor picnics in our local parks, painting pottery, attending trivia nights, and hanging out on rooftop bars.

Roast Night

Toward the end of the academic year, faculty and residents come together for some annual fun and comedy. Each class is responsible for “roasting” a different class or the faculty. It’s a night filled with funny skits, videos, and music parodies. It’s a great way to reflect and bond over the past year and also a fun way to send off the graduating class.

Book Clubs

We have two program-sponsored book clubs. One is led by one of our deputy program directors, Dr. Corey Fogleman. The second is a healthy equity book club which is led by one of our OB faculty, Dr. Cherise Hamblin, through her organization Patients R Waiting.

Intern Dinners

At Lancaster General Health, interns are never scheduled to work Friday evenings. This is something the program has done intentionally to allow space for interns to hang out. Typically, the intern who is on psychiatry or on a lighter rotation plans a gathering and dinner. Frequently these calls dinners continue through the rest of residency.

Integrative Medicine Dinners

Integrative Medicine dinners are led by Dr. Cynthia Kilbourn, the faculty liaison for integrative medicine. She hosts residents at her home on a quarterly basis to share a meal and to discuss integrative topics ranging from different diets, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, and much more. In the summer, you may be encouraged to take a dip in the pool.