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Fellows participate in many educational opportunities to enhance their geriatric training.

Seminars, Conferences, Clubs Training Opportunities

Weekly Geriatric Fellowship Seminars

A 90-minute weekly conference attended by fellows, core faculty, residents on their geriatric rotation and other visiting students. Seminar discussions cover a broad range of core geriatric topics and speakers include the geriatric fellowship faculty and other local health care professionals. Each fellow will present two lectures during the year at these conferences.

Monthly Geriatric Educational Conferences

A monthly seminar offered for all geriatric faculty, nurse practitioners, fellows, rotating residents and other students. Discussion varies and includes updates on medical topics related to geriatrics, patient case reviews, and panel discussions. Each fellow will present two lectures during the year at these seminars.

Geriatric Journal Club

Held quarterly as part of the monthly educational conferences. Fellows participate by presenting a critical appraisal of selected articles at each journal club.

Palliative Medicine Journal Club

Fellows have the opportunity to participate in quarterly journal clubs held by a local academic hospice and palliative medicine program.

Research, Evidence-Based Medicine and Quality Improvement

Fellows have weekly sessions and workshops dedicated to learning more about these topics.