LancasterGeneralHealth Family Medicine Residency Program

Our Program / Research Center
Lancaster General Health Research Institute

The Lancaster General Health Research Center was established during the early part of 2004. It was established to conduct and provide support for research across the Lancaster General Health system with an emphasis upon primary care research and education through the Lancaster General Health Family Medicine Residency Program. In the summer of 2005 the Center was awarded 1.2 million dollars from the estate of Louise Von Hess to support its mission. The name has now been changed to reflect this generous gift.

Mission of the Research Institute

  1. To develop a center within the Family Medicine Residency Program that would allow faculty, residents, and community physicians to bring their research ideas to fruition. The center would support investigators with procurement of grants, research design and statistical analysis for their research endeavors.
  2. The center will provide leadership in meeting the required goals of the American Council of Graduate Medical Education and Residency Review Commission of the American Academy of Family Practice to incorporate scholarly activity into the patient care experience so that residents will participate in “quality-of-care” research by measuring their care against evidence-based practice guidelines. The goal is for residents to become “good consumers” of research and learn how scientific evidence can improve patient care.
  3. The center will collaborate with regional and national practice-based research networks, such as the American Academy of Family Physician’s national research network, on projects that seek answers to problems that confront primary care physicians.
  4. The center will provide consultation and support to Lancaster General Health departments (beyond primary care such as cardiology, orthopedics, emergency medicine, infectious diseases, OB/GYN, and others) on issues related to research, statistical analyses, performance improvement, and other relevant issues.