LancasterGeneralHealth Family Medicine Residency Program

Salary and Benefits

  • Salary: $68,450
Medical and Dental
The hospital provides hospitalization insurance for fellows and family at a nominal cost to be determined yearly. Coverage includes base plans with major medical and medical-surgical insurance. Outpatient coverage is outlined in the base plan.

The hospital provides dental insurance for the fellow and family at a nominal cost to be determined yearly. Preventative and simple restorative dental procedures are covered.

Long Term Disability - A disability policy, paying 70 percent of the resident’s salary after 90 days of disability, is provided.

Short Term Disability – Compensation for a personal serious illness is provided following an absence of seven (7) consecutive days.

Malpractice Insurance
Provided by the hospital for all work performed as part of the teaching program.
Life Insurance
Term life insurance is provided at twice the annual salary plus $2,000.00, effective immediately.
Information Technology
Each resident is provided a state-of-the art PocketPC with wireless capacity and point of care medical software.
Meals are available in the hospital cafeteria at employee prices (20% off regular price).
Continuing Medical Education
Lancaster General Health will provide $2,500.00 for continuing medical education (CME).

Fellows will be provided five (5) days of educational leave for attendance at local conferences during the year, or to utilize for interviewing purposes.

Vacation and Holidays
24 days paid time off per year
Medications can be purchased at cost in the hospital pharmacy for residents and family.
Employee Benefits
As an employee of Lancaster General Hospital, fellows are eligible for several discount programs such as fitness memberships, eye wear and contact savings, amusement park admissions, movie tickets, etc.